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Tips for improving your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has flipped our world upside down. Due to shelter-in-place orders we have all been spending an excessive amount of time home and a lot of us are spending that time alone. Check out a few tips to help keep you sane during these crazy times.

Learn to combat mental health issues caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic and the excessive amount of time we are spending at home.

Follow these 3 simple tips each day to give your brain a break and ease some anxiety as a lot of us are sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start with something positive each day.

Read or listen to something fun & positive FIRST thing in the morning with your coffee before diving into the crazy 24 hour news cycle that is almost solely focused on COVID-19.

Why wake up and read about potentially anxiety producing news when you can intentionally design your day to start with something more fun?  Like listening to one of these 10 inspirational podcasts.

Go outside.

It’s literally the least prescriptive thing that we can suggest that has huge mental health benefits.  Not even saying you have to go for a walk/run/workout outside.  Literally just go outside (whilst keeping social distancing protocols of course), breathe in some fresh air for a while, and get some sunshine on your face.  Vitamin D plays an important role in immune function, and the best/easiest source is sunlight!

Take a nap.

For those fortunate enough to work from home during this time, I’m sure you can get in a 20 minute nap without your organization crashing and burning during the time you’re out.  So go for it!  Other folks at home, try to build in time with your family/partner that is solely focused on laying in bed and relaxing or trying to nap to give everyone a break from their own brains and each other.

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